Bauer Automotive Truck Service: operating under the same name, same family, and in the same location for 43 years!

This experience allows us to handle many tough problems for our customers.

Our customers are predominantly commercial trucking companies.

Welcome to Bauer Automotive Truck Service

Our only business is trucks. Bauer Automotive Truck Service opened for business 43 years ago, and has been servicing the heavy duty trucking industry for that entire time as a full service truck facility. Our on-site parts department is also an important feature of our operation. Bauer runs 3 heavy duty modern under reach tow trucks, 2 professional road service trucks with bulk fuel and full size air compressors/AC generators, and 20 HP-700 AMPS heavy duty truck starting machines. Load transfer and fork lift services are available at our shop or at the scene of the breakdown.

Experienced Handling of Tractor Trailers Loaded or Empty

Computer Diagnostic Work on Truck Engine & Chassis

12-24 Hour Repairs - Same Day Possible

ETA within 1 hour possible on Road Work

We Can Help!
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